An exploration of what the ancient masters called the true and proper understanding of Chan. Since the beginning of Mahayana, there has been an emphasis of Ekayana which is just Mind. 

Speaker: Gilbert Gutierrez

Gilbert is one of late Chan Master Sheng Yen's western Dharma heirs and he frequently leads Chan retreats at DDM branches across North America. 

Date & Time: Saturday, Dec. 16, 2023 9:30 ~ 11:30 AM (UTC+8)
Venue: Sheng Yen Education Foundation (2F., No.48-6, Sec. 2, Ren-ai Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City 100, Taiwan (R.O.C.))
Host: Sheng Yen Education Foundation 
In person participation:Due to the venue's limited capacity, in-person attendance registration is closed early. Please watch live streaming on YouTube.

YouTube Live: (No registration needed)

Tel: 02-2397-9300

*English lecture with Chinese translation. Recommended to those with regular meditation practice.
*Limited seats. Registration required for in-person participation. Open to registration from Dec.4 to Dec. 10. 
*Live streaming on YouTube available. No registration required.

The event may be subject to change. Please visit Sheng Yen Education Foundation's website for latest information.