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The Regulations for Soliciting Contributions to the “Collection of Treatises on Contemporary Chinese Buddhism”

I.    Purpose:

In order to promote the thoughts and visions of “Uplifting the Character of Humanity and Building a Pure Land on Earth” advocated by Master Sheng Yen and to offer grants to the academic researches on Buddhism and the publications of works on Chinese Buddhism that are in accord with Master Sheng Yen’s thoughts and visions, with the contents focusing mainly in the Buddhist studies of modern time and the era of late Qing Dynasty and early Republic, we herewith lay down these Regulations.

II.   The Topics Solicited for Contributions

The scope of research is limited to the various aspects related to Buddhism in “the late Qing Dynasty and early Republic as well as modern time.” The materials of research are not limited to Master Sheng Yen’s thoughts or Buddhist textsand the research may be undertaken from the perspective of Buddhism, Confucianism or Daoism. Issues associated with social or cultural concerns may also be included in the research for discussion.

III.Who Should be the Contributors:

1.      Scholars who have served or currently serve as assistant professors or higher at universities or colleges at home and abroad.

2.      Researchers who serve as assistant researchers or higher in relevant research institutions.

3.      Those who have obtained a doctorate degree but have not yet published their dissertations, and whose subjects of research accord with this current project.

4.      Those who have received the Foundation’s grants for writing the doctoral dissertation on the project of the academic development in Chinese Buddhism.

IV.       How to Enroll

1.      Those who intend to write please submit a plan for the treatise (including the Chinese and English titles of the work as well as the key words); after the Foundation’s review and approval we will invite you to write the treatise. You may also submit a treatise that you have  completed; after the Foundation’s review and approval we will sign a contract with you for its publication.

2.      In your submittal please attach a copy of your c.v. and two copies of your plan or the full text of your treatise. Please use both electronic files and paper versions for your submission to us and save the electronic files in the Microsoft Word format.

3.      Submittals will be accepted between now and the end of December 2011.

V. The Grants for Solicited Contributions

It will be counted at the rate of one NT dollar per (Chinese) word, but each text shall be limited to 120-150 thousand words, with a maximum amount of 150 thousand NT dollars. However, those who have received the Foundation’s grants for writing a doctoral dissertation or master’s thesis shall not be paid any remuneration for the writings again.

VI.       Program Implementation

1.      The treatises or commentaries on books (book reviews) shall be reviewed respectively and anonymously by the specialists and scholars hired by the editing committee of the Foundation. Therefore, please do not show any information in the text that may be used to identify the authors. The works shall go through reviews and approvals before they can be published. The authors are required to keep a master copy of the materials submitted as they will not be returned if not published.

2.      The contributors shall agree that the accepted writings be put online in their full text.

3.      The authors shall be fully liable for any issues related to the pictures, treatises, book reviews, and any other forms of wordings as parts of their works published in this collection of treatises.

4.      Once any contribution is published, its copyright shall belong to the Foundation, and the Foundation shall reserve the right to modify its format.

5.      In case any treatise is contributed to more than one organization or infringes the copyrights of other people, the author shall be held fully liable .

6.      When you make your submittal please download and fill out the “Contributor’s Basic Information” (or directly fill out the form at the “System for Enrolling Online”), provide the real Chinese and English names of the author, a brief self introduction (including job titles and the name of organization(s) and/or institution(s) you belong to), mailing address telephone number, and email address.

7.      The plans of the treatises will be treated on the first come first serve basis; the editing committee, consisted of specialists and scholars, hired by the Foundation will be reviewing them. The reviews will be completed within one month after the submittals are received and the review opinions shall be sent to the applicants.

8.      Submittals will be accepted between now and the end of December 2011.  Please send your submittals to:

Attn: Academic Research Department, Sheng Yen Education Foundation

Fl. 2, No. 48-6, Ren Ai Road Sect. 2, Zhongzheng District, Taipei (100)

9.      For relevant information please contact us in the following ways:

                   Tel: (+886-2) 2397-9300

                   Fax: (+886-2) 2393-5610 

 E-mail address: phd_grant@shengyen.org.tw

(This email address has already been protected by the program against junk emails. You have to activate JavaScript in order to see it.)

                   Website: http://www.shengyen.org.tw/

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