The Sheng Yen Education Foundation Grant for Ph.D. Dissertation Writing

The SYEF has settled the Sheng Yen Chinese Buddhism Studies Center in July, 2018. The center would combine and revise current Scholarships of SYEF, so SYEF would suspend the current scholarshipThe new scholarship would be announced by May 2019.



The Sheng Yen Education Foundation Grant for Ph.D. Dissertation Writing

The Sheng Yen Education Foundation provides a grant program to support young scholars in modern Chinese Buddhism research. This grant is designed to support Ph.D. Dissertation Research.

The Grant is limited to modern Chinese Buddhism. The foundation especially welcomes research projects on topics closely related to Dharma Drum Mountain and Master Sheng Yen. The foundation provides two different levels of research grant:


1.  Fieldwork research grant for Ph.D. dissertation ($4,000 in 2 payments)

2. Ph.D. dissertation writing grant ($15,000 in 3 payments)

Eligibility for the Grants:

1. Currently enrolled Ph.D. candidates in Religious Studies, East Asian Studies, or equivalent departments in an accredited university/institute.

2. Dissertation must be written in English.

3. For the fieldwork research grant, the applicant must be a Ph.D. candidate

4. Applicants may not enroll more than four years in his/her degree program; grantees may hold this grant no later than their seventh year.

Required Documents:

  1.  The completed application form.

  2.  Bibliography (maximum 2 pages).

  3.  Curriculum Vita (maximum 2 pages).

  4.  Proposal (maximum 5 pages, double spaced).

  5.   Financial statement: The statement must include the following two sections:

       A. Statement of all university and external support received during your graduate study: fellowships, teaching or research assistantships, tuition grants, and summer support. The statement must also include all university and external support to which you are currently applying.

      B. A detailed budget of anticipated expenditures for your dissertation research. Requests for fieldwork research grant must specify the extent of funding available from the home institution.

  6.  Two recommendation letters, including one from the dissertation adviser stating the applicant has passed the dissertation prospectus. The letters of recommendation must be submitted by regular mail in a sealed envelope. The application will not be considered without the letters of recommendation.

  7.  An approved dissertation prospectus, which must provide a synopsis of the project including title, key words in both Chinese and English, thesis summary, research aims and methodological approach, bibliography(primary and secondary sources, along with an explanation why these sources are relevant), research plan, location of research, and expected date of completion.

 8.  All applicants must submit a 10,000-20,000 word original research paper on Chinese Buddhism for review.

Deadlines and Procedures:

Deadline for receipt of application materials should be post marked no later than January 15, every year. Applications received after this date may not receive consideration. Awards will be decided by The Sheng Yen Education Foundation Committee. Applicants will be notified of decisions by May. Up on receiving the grant acceptance form from the grantee, the first payment will be arranged in timely manner.

For the fieldwork research grant, a final payment of $2,000 will be scheduled after receipt of the final report at the end of the year, which is suggested to be the end of the same year. 

For Ph.D. dissertation research grant, the second payment of $5,000 will be arranged after receipt of the first two chapters of the dissertation and a one page mid-report via email; and the final payment of $5,000 will be arranged after receipt of the completed dissertation (one printed copy and electronic file should be sent to Sheng Yen Education Foundation).

Grantee’s Responsibility:

Change of proposed research topics by grantees must be made known to The Sheng Yen Education Foundation. 

Any future research publication that stems from this grant will acknowledge funding received from The Sheng Yen Education Foundation.

Contact Information:

Mailing address:  Sheng Yen Education Foundation

    2F, No. 48-6, Sec. 2, Jen-Ai Road

    Taipei, Taiwan (Post Code: 10056)

Phone:  +886-2-2397-9300

Fax:  +886-2-239-35610




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